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The VA in Alex Bay

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Check Back Into America - Presidential Challenge!!

Today was truly a historical day in America's history. For a while today there were no color boundaries in America only pride, patriotism and a love for democracy and the change that system enabled. Today's moments weren't about politics but about America and her core. As a country we are created from a vast whirlpool of immigrants from across the world. Those immigrants, our ancestors, saw enormous potential in America. Today President Obama reminded us of our potential. Our ancestors shouldn't have worked, struggled, sacrificed and died in vain for a country we have seemly grown tired of. Let's show the world what America is made of. Let's show the world we aren't tired of being free. We don't want handouts, aid and complacency. Let's revive the spirit of growth, pride and devotion to a way of life like no other in the world. President Obama challenged all of us today. It was a challenge to check back into America and get back into what democracy it all about.

I know that this seemly has nothing to do with virtual assistants and real estate but look deeper. Look at the faces of the people across the country today as the President took his oath. The tired, hopeless look was wiped away. How will that translate into our economic future? I don't know but I hope our future, economic or otherwise, mirrors the smile and love on President Obama's face today.

Let's check in with each other later on this issue ~~ Jeri

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Give It Up? 24 Hours? I'll Need Rehab!

Can you stretch your imagine, I mean REALLY stretch it to imagine living without your computer for an entire day?

This includes:

Are you up for the challenge? Great! Tomorrow is Shutdown Day. The idea of Shutdown Day project is simple - just shutdown your computer for one whole day of the year. Instead of hanging off a keyboard all day involve yourself in some other activities: sports, gardening, fun stuff with friends and family - whatever, just to remind yourself that there still exists a world outside your monitor screen.

You can sign up for the challenge on the Shutdown Day site, http://www.shutdown.org/. Prove to yourself, and the world that you can do it. Enter photos and videos about your challenge. As an added incentive you have a chance to win prizes!

Go ahead...Just Do It...as a great shoe company always says...it is Saturday anyway....you need a break!

We will meet back here Monday to talk about rehab.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is This a Marketing Nightmare?

New tax assessments were mailed out a few weeks ago here in Alex Bay. I've been told property around here hasn't been assessed in years. As people opened their mail you could hear a collective groan across the village that evening. Suddenly homes are popping up for sale faster than the tulips are coming up. I don't know if the drastic tax increase caused this but it is certainly suspicious. As I watch graceful old homes being sold now my heart aches that if this tax increase is truly causing this market deluge then it is a shame.

As real estate professionals what can we do to get people the most money for their homes in situations like this? What are the most effective marketing techniques we could use in times like these? Direct marketing? Probably not since everyone is in the same boat, neighbors are selling too! Internet marketing seems to be the answer in this type of market. Let's explore all the options. Of course the MLS is the standard. I don't know of any MLS that isn't on the internet today. Every company should have a website that advertises all of the company's listings. Each agent should definitely have a website. There are many free portals available to advertise - Google, Craigs List, Postlets, and LiveDeal. For approximately $10 you can create a property specific site. Many cities have advertising outlets that allow you to advertise properties at little or no cost. In Louisville, KY a site called louisvillemojo.com allows agents to advertise listings at no cost. A local agent there tells me he gets good results from the ads he places there.

Also explore alternative advertising. I live in an area that is home to many retirees that winter in Florida. In the case here in Alex Bay I would recommend that local agents advertise throughout Florida in the top marketing venues there. In other areas look to the population to direct your marketing efforts. Know your market, know their lifestyles and if they are mobile then market to the areas they move through in their travels. Your local population makes life-long friends as they move throughout the country in off-seasons. These friends could be the next resident of your community!

Explore and experiement with your marketing. You've only got new business to gain! If you need assistance with marketing contact Jeri, The Secret Assistant. Jeri@TheSecretAssistant.com
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